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At Innovate we provide Occupational Health and Wellbeing services that span the entire employee life cycle from pre placement right the way through to retirement and we are incredibly proud to be partnering with Aviva in order to support their clients to improve their team's health and well-being and to minimise health related risk in the workplace.

Our mission is to continuously focus on the needs of our customers, and our vision is to be a disruptor and innovator and so together we can design solutions that work specifically for you. As Aviva policyholders, underwriters and brokers you will benefit from excellent rates, as well as access to a wide range of services.


Occupational health

We specialise in the effects of work on an employee’s health and the effect an employee’s health condition has on their ability to undertake or continue in their role.
We provide objective advice to Line Managers to enable them to manage an employee’s health situation in the workplace.

Staff counselling

We are able to provide short term confidential counselling on a variety of topics including anxiety, bereavement, bullying, illness, mental health issues, relationships, trauma and work related stress.

Our Wellbeing Service

It is the duty of every employer to consider any health issues which may affect an employee's ability to safely fulfil their daily work activities. Our Wellbeing Service can help you to ensure you have a healthy workforce.

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• Screening a completed pre-employment questionnaire and clarifying information with prospective employees where necessary.
• Contacting GP, providing report as part of pre-employment medical
• Pre-employment health assessment
• Review by second OH Physician
• GP/Specialists Report
• Health Assessment Review
• Health Assessment
• Attendance at case conference
• Attendance at court or tribunal
• Attendance at review meetings
• Initial screeening of a questionnaire
• Assessment
• Initial screeening of a questionnaire
• FULL assessment
• Hepatitis A (per person treated)
• Hepatitis B (per person treated)
• Influenza (per person treated)
• Vibration
• Noise
• Musculoskeletal Risks to Health
• Respiratory Sensitisers
• Skin Irritants and Sensitisers
• Water-borne Infections
• Lead
• Asbestos
• Confined Spaces
Fully comprehensive EAP Service, to include but not limited to the following:

• Access to employee helpdesk
• Individual Counselling Session (telephone/skype) x6 sessions
• Group Counselling
• Debt Services
• Legal Services
• Whistleblowing Services
• Bullying and Harrassment Support

• Development of health promotion and awareness material e.g. brochures and flyers
• Delivery of a health promotion and awareness training session to managers
• Delivery of a health promotion and awareness session to employees
Including, but not limited to the following:

• Face-to-face management referrals

• Online Triage
• Follow up Assessment (where required)
• Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 1 year licence (supported for 1 month)
• Case Management
• Virtual CBT / EMDR Session
• Virtual CBT / EMDR Report
• Online Triage
• Follow up Assessment (where required)
• Remote DSE
• Virtual Physio Session
• Physiotherapy report
• Case Management
• COVID Return to Work Electronic Risk Assessment
• Follow up Assessment with Nurse
• Long COVID Virtual Assessment
• Alcohol/Drug/Blood Testing
• Eyesight tests


1.3 million uk workers are suffering from work-related ill health
Employees lose 30 productive working days a year through sickness and presenteeism
12.5 million Working days lost due to work-related stress



Early Intervention

Early intervention is key to supporting employees in accessing appropriate treatment and services, as well as helping them to continue to be able to work or return to work at the appropriate time. It is well known that ‘work is healthy ‘and our intervention is key to ensuring that each employee feels supported and able to be in work as soon as they are able.
Through our model every contact an employee receives is from a clinician specialised in absence management and return to work, ensuring all recommendations are specific and evidenced based.

Vocational Health Model

With regards to managing absenteeism and presenteeism we use a Vocational Health Model rather than a traditional Occupational Health Model, which means we use a case management approach to drive return to work outcomes, rather than merely mitigating risk by solely focusing on health barriers.
Our Vocational Health model is backed by the papers written by Dame Carol Black and David Frost CBE, Working for a healthier tomorrow and Health at work, an independent review of sickness absence. These papers state very clearly that a case management approach is optimum for managing sickness absence in the workplace.

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