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  • The University of Stirling has a responsibility to ensure you are fit to practice and the purpose of this questionnaire is to determine if you have any relevant health conditions or disabilities that may impact your ability to do this or your ability to study safely.

    The questionnaire will take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to complete, and a response to all questions is required. The questions will assess:

    • Physical Health and Wellbeing
    • Mental Health and Wellbeing
    • Immunisations to date
    • General Health
    It is important to answer all questions thoroughly and honestly so that a balanced clinical review can take place. Where applicable, at the end of the questionnaire you will be required to upload a record of the immunisations you have previously had. This can be obtained by contacting your GP.

    Please ensure you have your immunisation records to hand prior to completing the questionnaire. You will be required to upload your records prior to submitting your responses. Your records can be obtained by contacting your GP. In rare cases you may need to contact your childhood GP where this differs from your current

    Possible outcomes

    Depending on the initial assessment result, you will:

    a) be issued with a certificate to confirm OH clearance.

    b) be notified that a virtual consultation is required with a member of our clinical team which will be booked as a priority.

    We will review your immunisations record(s), and where this has met the requirements, we will let you know. Where you have not previously had immunisations that are required for the role, you will be invited to take part in the immunisations program.

    Can the University see my response?

    Only approved representatives from Innovate Healthcare will have access to the individual question responses. The individual responses will not be shared with the University unless you give your explicit consent for this to happen.

    The University will receive the outcome of your assessment in the form of a certificate and potentially a short outcome report if a discussion with one of our clinical team has taken place.

    What about Immunisations?

    Due to the governance linked to the nature of the study program and occupation you are entering in to, all immunisations history, evidence and compliance will be available to the University if requested.