Thank you for submitting the questionnaire

Based on the answers you have kindly provided, we will recommend to your employer that you are fit without restriction and that you continue to/with statutory Tier 2 annual screening. Please note that If symptoms appear for the first time (or progress) before the date of your next annual screening, do not wait until the next time that screening is carried out. In such instance, alert your employer at the earliest possibility.

Early signs and symptoms of HAVS to look out for include:

• Tingling and numbness in the fingers (which can cause sleep disturbance).

• Not being able to feel things with your fingers.

• Loss of strength in your hands (you may be less able to pick up or hold heavy objects).

• In the cold and wet, the tips of your fingers going white then red and being painful on recovery (vibration white finger).

Progressive signs and symptoms of HAVS to look out for include:

• The numbness in your hands could become permanent and you won’t be able to feel things at all;

• You will have difficulty picking up small objects such as screws or nails;

• The vibration white finger could happen more frequently and affect more of your fingers”