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Occupational Health Referrals

Management referral process includes a consultation with either an OH Advisor or OH Physician and a management report based on the questions requested via the referral form.

Pre-Employment Screening

A questionnaire based assessment reviewed by an OH Advisor including confirmation of fitness to work. Further telephone assessment or consultation with an OH Physician is available where required.

Health Surveillance

Our Health Surveillance program, designed in collaboration with our Health & Safety team, includes Audiometry, Hand, Arm and Vibration assessment and testing.

Ill-Health Early Retirement Applications (IHER)

Assessment for permanent incapacity legally requires two medical opinions and is, therefore, a two stage process.
Stage 1: OH Referral – Medical assessment conducted by an OH Advisor to provide first opinion on whether IHER criteria may be met. If appropriate, application will move to Stage 2.
Stage 2: OH Physician medical assessment based on all medical evidence available including G.P./Specialist reports. OHP will recommend whether pension release should be approved and will provide certification.


We provide a management referral service offering time limited counselling service up to six, 50 minute sessions via face to face, telephone or via Skype. Counselling is available evenings and weekends. Contact the OH team for a referral form.

Support Session for Line Managers

One off support sessions to Line Managers providing emotional and practical support when dealing with employees in their team experiencing stress, anxiety, depression or other mental health issues.
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