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  • Welcome to your Mental Health & Wellbeing Triage


  • As a valued Wesleyan member, to enable support during what is recognised as a challenging period, you have been invited to complete an online Mental Health & Wellbeing Triage.

    This service is offered as a supportive benefit to Wesleyan members. Engagement with the service is voluntary and will have no bearing on any current/future claim or future policy quotes from Wesleyan. Personal and sensitive information will be stored and managed by Innovate Healthcare and only shared with Wesleyan on an anonymous basis for management information purpose with the exception of where further support intervention may be recommended; in which case we (Innovate) will seek permission from you as to whether you are agreeable to identifiable details being shared to facilitate this.

    The triage assessment will take around 5 minutes to complete and contains 15 Questions. You can use the link provided to access this assessment again should you notice any change in your mental health during this time.

    Once you have completed the assessment, you will be provided with an advice sheet. Based on your assessment results, we may then contact you to offer a wellbeing call and provide further bespoke guidance. Following this we may determine that no additional support is needed or we may recommended further support such as (but not limited to), another follow-up call with one of our qualified case managers, virtual cognitive behavioural therapy or virtual physiotherapy. We shall seek your informed consent during the call to make any onward referrals if applicable.

    As a Wesleyan member you also have 3 months access to the Wellbeing Hub where you can access health and wellbeing related information, self-assessments and more. This can be accessed via the following link: