Annual Subscription


Pre-employment Screening

Online / telephone screening

OH Physician appointment

Occupational Health Management Referral

Management referral with OH Advisor

Management referral

 with OH Physician

Occupational Health Management Referral – Review

Management referral with OH Advisor

Management referral with OH Physician

Case Conference

Health Surveillance

Onlin screening

Full Health Surveillance with OH Advisor (OHA)

Full Health Surveillance with OH Physician (OHP)

Audiometry (stand-alone appointment)

Hand and Arm Vibration Surveillance (HAV)

Ill Health Early Retirement (IHER)

Stage 1 IHER application (with OHA)

Stage 2 IHER application (with OHP)

IHER appeals

18 Month Reviews

Deferred benefits

Application for release of pension benefits


Minibus (PVC) health assessment

Online screening

Counselling Service

Management Referral

Price per session with Counsellor

Support session for Line Manager


G.P./Specialist reports price variable (charged separately)

Return To Work Assistance – Monthly Fee     



Wellbeing Service

Annual Subscription


Annual Subscription services include:

Advice on adjustments, equipment and phased returns

Advice and supporting material on fitness to work

Counselling 30 minute telephone pre-Assessment

Occupational Health Management Referral:

Management Referral with OH Advisor

Management Referral with OH Physician 

Pre-employment Screening:

Online / telephone screening

OH Physician assessment

Stage 1 Ill Health Early Retirement Application (IHER)

(with OHA)

£ 412 annual fixed fee plus £4.70 per employee















Price on Application

priced at £60.00

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Wellbeing Services