At Innovate Healthcare we are highly experienced in providing effective, proactive case management for personal injury claimants. Our Case Managers have experience in managing a variety of complex medical conditions and injuries and are highly skilled at identifying a claimant’s treatment needs.
We assess our clients using a biopsychosocial model which allows us to effectively identify the impact of an injury to the various elements of the claimant’s life, including their day-to-day function, mental well-being, and social and personal relationships. Using this information we are able to formulate an effective rehabilitation plan and coordinate treatment which is geared towards assisting the claimant to recover as quickly as possible and return to their pre-injury function and, crucially, work.
Our Case Managers are highly trained in assessing an individual’s workplace to identify what, if any, modifications are required to assist the claimant to return to work at the best possible opportunity, which may be before they are classed as being 100% recovered. We provide ongoing support to the claimant and their employer to allow a gradual return to work where appropriate, ensuring that the claimant is able to maintain their return to work in the long-term.
Our proactive approach to case management ensures that a return to work and/or function is at the heart of what we do. We ensure that the topic of work is discussed at the outset and that any treatment is geared towards this. This results in over 95% of our clients returning to their pre-injury role or other suitable employment.
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