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1.3 million UK workers are suffering from
work-related ill health
Employees lose 30 productive working days a year
through sickness and presenteeism
12.5 million Working days lost
due to work-related stress

All our assessments are client centred

We offer a number of tailored assessments to meet the needs of our clients within all aspects of claim assessment and management and at any stage (pre or post claim). Assessments are conducted by suitably qualified and experienced practitioners within our multi-disciplinary teams and associated to the field of a given referral type. With over 20 assessments already available ranging from function, treatment and return to work focusses as well as bespoke or combination assessments feasible, we are able to support you with the optimum pathway. Below are just some of the core assessment types available. Please contact us for further information.

Innovate's full range of specialist assessments

Screening or Triage

Short assessments to explore
the optimum service route for a given case

Initial Needs

To explore the current situation and provide recommendations
regarding intervention to aid recovery and/or return to work

Claim Review

Information gathering either to
aid claims assessment and/or claims management

Vocational Redirection

To help identify alternative career options
as well as facilitative interventions
to enable career transition

Functional Evaluations

Objective and subjective assessments against specific criteria determining an individual’s functional capacity


To assess the physical and cognitive demands of more manual roles, providing recommendations on reasonable adjustments and phased return to work plans

Ergonomic / DSE

To holistically assess the working environment for more sedentary employees, making recommendations for modifications
reasonable adjustments or equipment

For further information regarding Innovate’s additional services, please follow the links below:

Case Management

Innovate are experts
at delivering bespoke
case management
interventions to meet
our customers’ requirements

Workplace Health

Our absenteeism and presenteeism
services are run through our
Vocational Health model which is
a modern approach to Occupational
Health and absence management


We have a UK wide network of
and hospital services
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