Optimising the Health of your Workforce

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1.3 million uk workers are suffering from
work-related ill health
Employees lose 30 productive working days a year
through sickness and presenteeism
12.5 million Working days lost
due to work-related stress

Employee Health is our Priority

Innovate Healthcare are a comprehensive provider of Workplace Health and Wellbeing services. Our commitment to our corporate health clients is to deliver a market-leading, world-class Workplace Health and Wellbeing service by providing a seamless end to end service with best in class suppliers. We develop tailored service packages which meet the specific needs of our client, inform their strategy and delivery a true Return on Investment.

Our delivery model highlights our vision and commitment to developing collaborative partnerships. We firmly believe that our service provision will not only meet core requirements; it will open your mind to exciting enhancements that can be offered to achieve a significant impact on health and wellbeing. In selecting Innovate Healthcare, we can help you fulfil your commitment to looking after your employee’s by delivering a best in class service within the local area. Innovate bring a newfound energy, and a fresh approach to Workplace Health and Wellbeing, embracing digital technology across all services.

Workplace Health & Wellbeing Services


MyAttendance is a telephone and web based platform which records absence from day 1. It can provide the ability to completely transform your approach to absence management and employee presenteeism .

Health Surveillance & Risk Management

Our suite of Health Surveillance and Risk Management services will support your Health & Safety Strategy, ensure legal compliance and ensure:

- Employee’s exposure to workplace health hazards is adequately measured and controlled,

- Maintain high levels of compliance with legislative requirements, and

- Ensure fitness to work across a range of challenging workplace environments.

Pre-placement Health Assessments

Our online Pre-Placement Work Health Assessments assess whether the proposed role may adversely affect the prospective employee’s health and outlines where further intervention may be required. The assessment takes into consideration potential implications of the 2010 Equality Act, and provides advice with regards to reasonable adjustments.

Management Referrals

Our Vocational Case Management approach provides a balanced management report to support the needs of the individual and the business.


Our fully customisable digital wellbeing platform, available 24/7 via mobile app or desktop, serves the intention of empowering, motivating and educating employees to improve and sustain their health and wellbeing.


MyEAP, is driven by a commitment to clinical and corporate excellence. Proactively delivering 24/7 online and telephone assistance, alongside face to face psychological therapist and support services.

Immunisation and Travel Vaccination

Innovate deliver a comprehensive immunisation and vaccination programme to mitigate the likelihood of illness and infection, in accordance with CQC guidance and The Deporat of Health Green Book.

Mental Health First Aid

Innovate provide Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training that can be tailored for individual employee groups, line managers and HR.

Workplace Health Promotion

Innovate believe that learning something new is often the catalyst to making change. Our interactive Lunch and Learn Workshops cover a range of subjects designed to inspire, energise and educate groups of any size.


Early Intervention

Early intervention is key to supporting employees in accessing appropriate treatment and services, as well as helping them to continue to be able to work or return to work at the appropriate time. It is well known that ‘work is healthy ‘and our intervention is key to ensuring that each employee feels supported and able to be in work as soon as they are able.
Through our model every contact an employee receives is from a clinician specialised in absence management and return to work, ensuring all recommendations are specific and evidenced based.

Vocational Health Model

With regards to managing absenteeism and presenteeism we use a Vocational Health Model rather than a traditional Occupational Health Model, which means we use a case management approach to drive return to work outcomes, rather than merely mitigating risk by solely focusing on health barriers.
Our Vocational Health model is backed by the papers written by Dame Carol Black and David Frost CBE, Working for a healthier tomorrow and Health at work, an independent review of sickness absence. These papers state very clearly that a case management approach is optimum for managing sickness absence in the workplace.

What else can we help you with?

Case Management

Innovate are experts at delivering
bespoke case management
interventions to meet our
customers’ requirements

Specialist Assessments

We offer a number of tailored assessments
to meet the needs of our clients
within all aspects
of assessment and rehabilitation


We have a UK wide network of
physiotherapy, psychological
and hospital services
We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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